Microsoft certified software that deduplicates SQL Server and boosts IO performance

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Accelerate I/O and Shrink SQL Server Storage

Benifits DiagramIridium I/O is a revolutionary software product that accelerates disk I/O resulting in improved SQL Server response time. The patent-pending technology included in Iridium I/O provides the added benefit of significantly reducing your database storage requirements. Database professionals now have a single solution that resolves two of the most common database storage issues.


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The Iridium I/O Advantage

  • 10-50% disk I/O improvement*
  • 3:1 data storage reduction*
  • 3:1 reduction in I/O subsystem traffic*
  • Installs in 2 minutes
  • Installs while transactions are running

Windows 2008R2 Certification

* Your actual results may be different. Independent third-party benchmarks are pending.
** Source: Benjamin S. Woo, program vice president, Storage Systems at IDC